Tips & Suggestions

The best way to escape is through communication and team work with your group.

Share clues and any new information you may discover.


Our operator will review the rules and answer any questions before you enter the room.

There is no need to lift or move heavy objects.

If it is marked “DON’T TOUCH” do not touch it. It is not in play.

No cell phones, iPads or other electronic devices.

No photography while in the room. We will help you take a picture of your group after the experience is finished.

There are no clues in the ceiling. Do not touch anything on the ceiling or above the 7' walls

There are no clues in electrical outlets.

Do not aggressively push or pull on the walls as this is a temporary installation.

Do not climb on anything.

Keep the game a mystery to others. Please do not reveal clues or answers outside the escape room.